Imogen Davis.

I am a London-based photographer.


The unexpected death of my Auntie when I was young has unknowingly become the life and soul of my photographic practice. I try to think outside of reality, delving into the unknown and creating visual ways to represent emotions and the invisible. Primarily working within my home, I find spaces that inspire my curiosity, forcing me to look at places and object in different ways. My photography is about creating a world that you can lose yourself in, that you can have on your wall and look at time and time again, but every time you see something different and new and exciting. I am able to achieve this by experimenting with various mediums such as painting, photograms, and water, taking away the specifics of what the viewer may think they’re looking at.

I use photography as a way of capturing and holding on to feelings that would otherwise escape my grasp. It’s a way of taking something like breath or the feeling of loss and sadness and holding on to it, making a photographic world of these immaterial things. I myself use photography as a way of escaping the world around me and I like people to look at the work and make up their own thoughts and ideas on what it's about and what they are seeing.



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